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更新于2021年6月7日 更新于2021年6月7日
  • Science and 工程 subjects among the most popular subjects in the QS世界大学学科排名2020
  • 艺术 & 设计自去年以来唯一进入前十的科目
  • 去年的学科排名获得了超过1100万的浏览量

Ahead of the QS世界大学学科排名 2021 being released, we thought we'd take a look back at which subjects were most popular for our readers in the QS世界大学学科排名2020.

有51个不同的主题, the QS世界大学学科排名 are one of the easiest ways to discover which 大学 in your country and elsew在这里 in the world are the best for your chosen subject.

10. 会计 & 金融

社会科学学科领域中的15个学科之一 & 在菠菜网最稳定正规平台的排名中, 会计 & 金融 最受读者欢迎的第10个主题是什么, something which is unsurprising given the degree’s strong vocational focus.

哈佛大学 去年这个学科的第一名是哪所大学, although whether that will remain the case when this year’s rankings are released remains to be seen. 去年, all of the top 10 大学 were from either the US or the UK.

9. 艺术 & 设计

Nine of the ten most popular subjects in the last year have remained the same for two years running, 与 艺术 & 设计 唯一的例外. 去年越来越受欢迎,菠菜网最稳定正规平台的艺术品 & 在2020年,英国的设计排名高居榜首 英国皇家艺术学院.

While other subjects included in the rankings are assessed across four indicators, 艺术 & 设计 is measured looking at only two: employer reputation and academic reputation. 这是因为研究成果并不是传统艺术的核心 & 设计程序.

8. 体系结构

体系结构 continues to be the most popular 艺术s and humanities subject to be featured in the 学科排名. 去年排名第一的是 麻省理工学院美国有三所大学进入前十.

7. 机械、航空 & 制造工程

Five different branches of 工程 are included in the 学科排名 but t在这里’s one clear favorite 与 readers as 机械、航空 & 制造工程 最终脱颖而出.

研究它是在航空航天工程角色的理想准备, 汽车工业和许多其他行业. 了解更多关于潜在职业道路的信息 在这里.

这是世界上学习机械和航空的最好的大学 & 制造工程 last year was 麻省理工学院, 另外四所美国大学也跻身前十.

6. 法律

It’s no surprises to see another subject on this list 与 a strong career focus, and 法律 “特别”一直是菠菜网最稳定正规平台的读者非常感兴趣的主题. 无论你是否考虑在本科阶段学习法律, 或者在研究生阶段学习法律, 科目排名表可能是一个有用的信息来源.

Given the fact common 法律 originated in the United Kingdom and has spread around the English-speaking world, it’s no surprise to see that last year none of the top 10 大学 for 法律 were based somew在这里 w在这里 English wasn’t an official language. 哈佛大学排名第一.

5. 经济学 & 计量经济学

As we face the prospect of another global recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's clearly vital to have an understanding of how our global financial systems actually work.

一些最好的教学 经济学 is currently happening in the US, as shown by last year’s 学科排名. Seven of the top 10 大学 are from the US, including the number one: 哈佛大学.

4. 医学

Similarly, t在这里's been no shortage of evidence this past year of the vital work being done by 医学 graduates, from developing and testing vaccines to treating COVID-19 patients on the frontline.

菠菜网最稳定正规平台总是需要训练有素的医生和医务人员. Given this, it’s perhaps no surprise so many of you are interested in pursuing a degree in 医学.

就像本文提到的其他几个主题一样, 哈佛大学 was ranked the best place in the world to study 医学 last year, 领先于牛津大学和剑桥大学.

3. 业务 & 管理研究

进入前三名 业务 & 管理研究 generated a lot of interest among readers as a potential subject to study. If you're planning to study at master's level, you should also consult the 2021年QS商业硕士排名.

While the subject ranking gives you an idea of which 大学 are the best in the world for the subject in general (for instance, 哈佛大学去年排名第一。, the QS商业硕士排名 compare specific postgraduate degree 项目 at the world’s top 大学. 也, the master’s rankings focus specifically on five specializations: 金融, 管理, 市场营销, 供应链管理和商业分析.

So, if you’re looking for information on undergraduate study or a general overview of how well a university performs for 业务 & 管理研究 then the 学科排名 should definitely be your first port of call. If, however, you want more information about specific postgraduate specializations in 业务 then 点击这里了解更多信息.

2. 工程 & 技术

工程 & 技术 subject area covers six different branches of 工程 as well as 计算机科学 (see below). 完整的工程清单 & 技术科目如下:

  • 计算机科学 & 信息系统
  • 化学工程
  • 民事 & 结构工程
  • 电 & 电子工程
  • 机械工程
  • 矿物 & 采矿工程
  • 石油工程

Given its dominance across nearly all of the individual subjects 与in this area, 麻省理工学院 was obviously the best university for the broad subject area overall.

1. 计算机科学 & 信息系统

菠菜网最稳定正规平台去年最受欢迎的科目是 计算机科学 & 信息系统, which is perhaps to be expected given its status as one of the fastest-growing subjects around the world. If you want to work on 技术 that has the potential to change the world, 从人工智能到大数据, 那这就是你的主题.

It wasn’t too surprising to see 麻省理工学院 at the top of last year’s subject ranking, 北美六所大学跻身前十. 欧洲和亚洲的大学也进入了前20名, 所以你应该能在你附近找到一所顶尖大学.

今年这些职位还会保持不变吗? 这些主题还会继续受到读者的欢迎吗? 看看2021年QS世界大学学科排名就知道了!

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