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QS最佳留学城市排名: =7th

For those who want to study amid the hustle 和 bustle of the big city, they don't come much bigger 和 busier than 东京, one of the world’s most populous urban areas. 东京 is 亚洲’s second leading city in the QS最佳留学城市2023 排名仅次于首尔. 

这是令人震惊的规模 日本 资本, even with 12 internationally ranked 大学, it still has a very low proportionate student population. 东京, 然后, is a city for those who favour total immersion in local culture rather than living in a “student bubble”.

The upshot of 东京's gargantuan size is that it offers one of the most varied 和 cosmopolitan living environments on Earth. As one of the world's three leading financial centers, alongside 纽约 和 伦敦, it also provides enviable professional 和 internship opportunities, consistently ranking as the best in the world for the employer activity 指示器.

Alongside a high rating from graduate employers (where it ranks in first place worldwide), 东京 scores notably well for desirability, which considers both the overall quality of living in the city, 和 how in-dem和 it is among prospective international students.

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Internationally ranked 大学 in 东京

世界排名 大学
23 东京大学
56 东京工业大学
=197 庆应义塾大学
=205 早稻田大学
=392 东京 Medical 和 Dental 大学 (TMDU)
701-750 东京城市大学


531-540 桥大学
701-750 东京 大学 of Agriculture 和 Technology
801-1000 横滨国立大学
801-1000 东京理工大学
1201-1400 立教大学


Ranked first in the world for employer activity, 东京 offers one of the most stimulating student environments on earth. 在大街上, bustling city streets 和 a vibrant local culture, studying in 东京 is guaranteed to be a unique experience regardless of where you come from.

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东京大学 (世界排名并列第23位)



Average international fees (at ranked unis)










学生声音等级 =26th



You can't move to 东京 without exp和ing your palate. The local cuisine is one of the most exciting in the world: sushi 和 sashimi aside, you'll get to experience the joys of 日本 street foods the likes of takoyaki, 日本 barbecues 和 an array of delicious noodle dishes. 


The quality of life in 日本 is high - probably one of the reasons why 东京 l和ed the first spot for desirability for yet another year.

东京的街道不仅干净, they're also extremely safe for locals 和 foreigners, 让它成为一个学习的好地方. And with a top-notch transportation system, you're guaranteed to be able to experience all it has to offer in a comfortable 和 reliable way. 


东京 ranked 73rd in the world for affordability. While it's not one of the cheapest study destinations on a global level, the exceptional quality of life is likely to make up for the cost of living.

Nevertheless, the city is still cheaper than European hubs such as 伦敦 和 Munich. 根据 Numbeo, rent in the 日本 city is 40 percent lower than in the British capital, 一间平均1美元的公寓,393一个月.

生活 & 文化在东京

Politeness 和 innovation are at the forefront of 日本 culture. 在东京当学生, you'll have the opportunity to experience life in one of the world's most technologically advanced locations while also experiencing extreme kindness from the locals. 

With more than 13m people living in the greater area of the city, it's easy to say you'll never be short of people to meet or things to do. 东京 is home to thous和s of restaurants 和 a plethora of museums, 公园, 寺庙, shrines 和 events that celebrate its rich history 和 culture. 


东京 has been ranked first for employer activity for yet another year, showcasing just how much of a business hub it is on a local 和 global level.

事实上, the city is one of the world's major international financial centres, housing the headquarters of some of the world's biggest investment banks, 保险公司和全球公司. 

Students who graduate from university in 东京 are truly spoilt for choice. 从高科技到交通, 贸易, 咨询, 金融和医药, the city's thriving economy allows talented individuals from all educational backgrounds to kick-start their careers 和 succeed in the long run.

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