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Scholarships for Women in Male-Dominated Industries


更新于2022年3月30日 更新于2022年3月30日

Women still make up a small percentage of the STEM workforce across the globe, 和 it’s a similar picture for other male-dominated industries like business. Will the gender disparity in male-dominated industries ever change?

答案似乎是肯定的——但是逐渐的. 在英国, 申请工程专业的女性人数, 计算机科学 和 medicine 和 dentistry since 2019 has increased by over 7 percent, 分别为33%和30%.

Helping to speed up the process are various organisations offering 奖学金 for women preparing for careers in male-dominated industries. 经常, the 资金 is accompanied by additional support, including mentorship 和 special events or workshops.

Below is a selection of global 和 region-specific 奖学金 for women in male-dominated industries, including 奖学金 for women in 工程, 科技和商业.

Scholarships for women in 工程 和 science

  • AOE国家基金会奖学金 – Scholarships for women in 工程 or technical science-related 项目 at 大学 in the US. 申请截止日期为2022年4月1日.
  • BHW STEM女性学术奖学金 – US 奖学金 for women pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a STEM subject. 应用程序 open in January 和 are due on 15 April 2022.
  • British Council 奖学金 for women in STEM – In partnership with 26 UK 大学 with the aim of benefiting women from the Americas, 南亚, 东南亚, 埃及, 土耳其和乌克兰, these 奖学金 provide support for women in STEM who can demonstrate their need for financial support 和 who wish to inspire future generations of women. 申请截止日期为2022年4月10日.
  • AIAA Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson Scholarship – US 奖学金 for women studying STEM学科 和 demonstrating financial need. 由AIAA基金会颁发.
  • 欧莱雅 印度青年女性科学奖学金 – Awarded to female students within India to encourage 和 support young women to pursue their careers in science.
  • 科学大使奖学金 – A full tuition scholarship for a woman in science, 技术, 工程, 或数学, 由反人类卡组织资助. 你不需要是美国公民就可以申请. 2022年冬奥会的申请已经截止,但是 applications for the 2023 academic year open in fall.
  • Southern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship – Scholarships for women in 工程 和 other STEM-related degree subjects, for students who wish to pursue careers in the automotive industry upon graduation. For citizens of states within the Southern US. 申请截止日期为2022年3月20日.
  • SWE奖学金项目– US 奖学金 for women in 工程 from the Society of Women Engineers. 应用程序 for sophomores 和 above are now closed for 2022 but 新生可以申请到2022年5月2日.
  • 妇女工程学会奖 – Scholarships for women in 工程 studying in the UK.
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Scholarships – Undergraduate 和 graduate 奖学金 for women pursuing careers in transportation. 申请将于2022年3月11日截止.



Other 奖学金 for women in male-dominated industries

  • 荣誉基金奖学金 – Scholarships for women pursuing a PhD in accounting. 应用程序 must be completed by 15 May 2022.
  • 英国学者奖 – Open to female students entering the final year of university in the UK who are on track for a 2.1以上. The winner receives a place on Skills 4 UK’s award-winning Career Development Programme.

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This article was originally published in March 2019 . 最后一次更新是在2022年3月

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