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If it weren’t for physicists, the modern world would be a very different place. The study of 物理 underlies many pivotal discoveries of the 20th century – including the laser, 电视, radio, 计算机技术, nuclear weapons– 和 has played a vital role in the development of quantum theory, 相对论, 宇宙大爆炸, 还有原子的分裂.

学物理的学生需要有很强的数字头脑, a good grasp of scientific principles 和 a keen interest in discoveries relating to the physical world. Read on for an overview of w在这里 your 物理 degree could take you 和 read our 完全指南 关于大学毕业后如何找工作的更多建议.


The diversity of 物理 careers is an appealing aspect for prospective students. 物理专业毕业生所拥有的技能在不同的行业都是非常需要的. 这些技能包括与计算有关的技能, 解决问题, 数据分析和复杂思想的交流, as well as a wider underst和ing of how the world works on a scientific 和 human level.

This highly transferable 和 valued skillset also means 物理 graduates earn more! 根据 保存学生, while the average graduate st艺术ing salary in the UK is UK£23,000 (approx. 29,592美元),获得物理学学士学位的人收入约为14美元.上涨4%(约26312英镑). $33,853).


你是否想要探索太空, time, 物质或物理世界中许多其他有趣的元素, 物理学位可以为你的职业道路创造奇迹. 而许多物理学毕业生继续从事研究工作, 这些分布在许多不同的行业——包括教育行业, 汽车和航空航天工业, 国防, 公共部门, 医疗保健, 能源, 材料, 技术, 计算和它.



Although it’s possible to enter into scientific research as a trainee or technician with a good undergraduate degree, those looking to pursue long-term careers in research should consider further study, as senior research roles are often reserved for those with at least a master’s degree. 以及硕士学位, 硕士和博士学位, leading researchers can also gain the title of ‘Ch艺术ered Physicist’ (CPhys) from the Institute of Physics (IOP).

The main reason to study 物理 at graduate level is to help you gain more in-depth, specialized knowledge to prepare you to work effectively in a specific field. 潜在的专业领域包括天体物理学, 粒子物理, 生物技术, 纳米技术, 气象学, 航空动力学, 原子与激光物理学, 大气, 海洋和行星物理学以及气候科学.



在他们年轻的地方,每个人都想成为宇航员, 但如果你学习物理,你可能真的有机会! 当然, 航天部门的作用有限,竞争激烈, 而且大多数都不包括直接参与太空旅行. 本部门的行政和培训生职位, 本科学位就足够了, 但对于更高层次和更专业的角色, 几乎可以肯定,你至少需要一个硕士学位.

还有研究机构, 无论是公共部门还是私营部门, other organizations offering roles related to space 和 astronomy include museums 和 planetariums. Many professional astronomers can also be found conducting research 和 teaching within 大学 和 colleges, or research labs 和 observatories with affiliations to academic institutions.

作为一个天文学家, 你的工作是研究宇宙, collecting data from global satellites 和 spacecraft 和 operating radio 和 optical telescopes. Other tasks within this sector include investigation 和 research of new 材料 和 technologies, 测量现有材料和技术的性能, 在设计阶段解决问题.



尽管它可能不是你想到的第一个行业, 在医疗保健领域,物理学职业数不胜数. 医学物理学与生物医学工程有很大的重叠, 物理学家和生物医学工程师一起创造, 检查和维护医疗技术和设备. Although cardiology 和 neurology are areas reserved for those with an additional medical degree, 物理学家经常被用于放射学等领域, 放射肿瘤学和核医学, 为了测试和批准最新的技术和设备.

Research-based roles in this field are available within medical 技术 companies, 医疗服务提供者, 研究中心和学术机构. 加速器物理知识, radiation detection 和 材料 science are valuable for many of these roles, 以及相关专业的硕士学位(e.g. 医学物理学)也会助你进入这个行业.



工程部门提供了许多物理方面的职业, 特别是在制造业和技术行业. Physics graduates are often tasked with improving 和 developing products 和 manufacturing processes, benefit from a large range of potential employers spanning multiple industries such as medicine, 能源, 运输, 国防, 太空探索与电讯. Find out more about 工程 careers 和 specializations with our guides 在这里.



无论菠菜网最稳定正规平台谈论的是可再生能源还是不可再生能源, 在能源领域有很多物理学领域的职业. 随着可再生能源的兴起, oil 和 gas companies remain big players in the 能源 market 和 are major employers for 物理 graduates. One area of focus is on extracting fossil fuel reserves in the most efficient way possible, 利用地球特征的知识和最新的技术.

随着化石燃料耗尽的前景, 能源 companies are also branching out into renewable alternatives such as wind 和 solar 能源 和 are investing heavily in research 和 development in this area, 提供更多的职业发展潜力. Your role 在这里 could be to collaborate with other scientists 和 engineers to develop efficient 和 functional 能源 systems which harness the E艺术h’s 能源 sustainably 和 cost-effectively.



一个持续增长和创新的广阔舞台, 科技行业是新机会的源源不断的来源, 挑战和职业道路. 物理学毕业生, t在这里 is scope to work alongside other specialists in order to develop new ideas 和 products. Fields with p艺术icularly high dem和 for research 和 development workers from various backgrounds include relatively young fields such as robotics, 纳米科学和纳米技术.

Technology careers in 物理 may be based in public or private-sector research centers. Many opportunities for graduates are available within large 技术 companies such as Philips or Siemens, as these 业务es are keen to attract innovative 和 talented researchers from around the world.



那些学习物理的人也是从事环境事业的主要候选人, thanks to their scientific underst和ing of the ways in which the E艺术h functions. While geophysicists are more concerned with the prediction of natural disasters, 气象学家主要关注日常天气预报等领域, 以及研究气候变化的长期影响.


What can you do with a 物理 degree if none of the options above appeals to you? You could use your mathematical proficiency to enter into the financial world, or your knowledge of technological innovation to head into a relevant field of the legal sector (such as patent 法律 or forensics). 媒体和娱乐是两个更有潜力的行业, 在哪些领域,物理学家需要从事科学新闻等工作, 电脑游戏编程和电影特效. Other options include roles in teaching, manufacturing, 运输, architecture 和 通信.

“有了物理学位,你能做什么??是菠菜网最稳定正规平台“用……你能做什么”系列的一部分. 到目前为止,菠菜网最稳定正规平台已经讨论过了 艺术生物学业务通信计算机科学英语工程时尚历史地理位置法律市场营销数学表演艺术哲学政治, 心理学社会学化学经济学.

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