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5 Essential Soft Skills for 职业生涯 in Hospitality and Tourism


更新于2022年6月3日 更新于2022年6月3日


Are you an empathetic problem-solver with strong time management skills and resilience under pressure? If so, you should probably consider careers in hospitality and tourism. Your attributes could be highly desirable in the sector in years to come, as more hospitality and tourism businesses recognize the importance of ‘soft skills’.

经常, hospitality and tourism recruiters will invest in training a less-experienced candidate if they perceive her/him to possess the right personality and soft skills for the job. 认为自己具备成功所需的条件? Read on to discover five essential soft skills for careers in hospitality and tourism…

1. 同理心和情商

It goes without saying that digital transformation carries the future of the hospitality and tourism industry, but this does not mean the industry will become depersonalized. 相反, investing in human capital is key to finding innovative solutions in an ever-changing scenario. People determine the success of an organization and, 如果所有字段都成立, it is even more important for service-based industries like hospitality and tourism.

2. 团队合作

Among specific qualifications demanded by a wide range of host companies and organizations, the ability to integrate into the existing team is often considered essential when choosing a candidate. 为了满足这种需求, IULM’s internship and placement department offers a counseling service aimed at supporting and preparing students for the interview process, and to ensure appropriate mentoring during the internship. “We help students improve their personal skills,Cristina Sottotetti解释道, IULM实习和安置主任, “which are […] necessary […] to achieve professional success.”

3. 压力和时间管理

Hospitality managers will often work on several things at once, managing a heavy work load at a fast pace. It’s easy to let your emotions run wild when you are asked to do several things at once over a short time span and forced to deal with unexpected problems… For careers in hospitality and tourism, you need to be prepared to multi-task and remain cool and collected if you are to achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction!  

4. 解决问题

Whether you’re dealing with a difficult client or faced with internal issues, the ability to think on your feet and suggest feasible solutions to problems is one of the most valued soft skills for careers in hospitality and tourism, and certainly a determining factor when it comes to professional success. 不管你的专业, you will need to learn how to manage a crisis, from identifying the problem to evaluating how well you did and what could be improved in future.

5. 战略和创新

Hospitality and tourism HR managers tend to favor candidates who are allergic to the “if it ain't broke don't fix it” mantra and will go the extra mile to innovate. 喜达屋(酒店及度假村),Arianna Agresti解释道, 喜达屋米兰区人力资源主管, “we look for talents with strong team-working skills and this is yearly measured through our apposite survey.”她补充道, “Among strategic and innovative skills we mention the ‘going beyond borders’ attitude: the ability to keep looking for new opportunities and solutions even if there are established procedures.”

This article was originally published in October 2016 . 最后一次更新是在2022年6月

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