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选择一份毕业生的工作并不是一个简单的决定. 然而, you might be pleased to know that your options often aren’t limited by your 学位 subject - with the exception of several careers, 如 医学.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one’s right for you.

让您的选择更容易, here’s just small selection of the graduate careers available to you no matter what 学位 subject you study.

1. 人力资源(人力资源)


Working in 人力资源(人力资源) means that you are responsible for helping with employee-related issues, 如招聘, 工资, 就业政策及福利. HR also act as middlemen for employees 和 managers to discuss any problems 和 can also clarify information about sick pay, 就业政策和产假.

的 good news is you don’t need a 学位 in human resources to get a job in HR, although many employers do expect graduates to have earned a UK 2:1 (or international equivalent) in their 学位. 

Graduates usually start off in HR administrator jobs or HR assistant jobs, although some jobs may require you to have completed a Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) or a Chartered Institute of Personnel 和 Development (CIPD) course.

根据 PayScale, the average HR Assistant salary is between £17,000-£26,000) (approximately US$21,550-$32,960).

2. 会计


职业生涯中 会计 需要较强的计算能力和分析能力. 这使得一个 数学本科学历,适合从事会计工作, 但任何学位都被顶级公司普遍接受, 只要你达到规定的分数.

成为一个合格的会计师, 你必须完成一系列专业会计考试, 包括注册会计师考试. If you studied 会计 at university, you may have already completed some of these exams. 如果不是,你的公司通常会帮助支付这些资格.

A junior accountant in the UK typically earns £18,000-£26,000 ($22,830-$32,960) according to Payscale.

3. 市场营销和广告


的 advertising industry is known for being extremely competitive – but what industry isn’t? 不要因此而退缩. 如果你有创造力, 承诺和强烈的程度, 你没有理由不能在广告界取得成功.

有许多不同的类型 市场营销 和广告事业. 你是否想以文案的身份开始你的职业生涯, 一个销售主管, 媒体规划师, 或者社交媒体经理, it’s vital to build a portfolio of your previous work 和 to make sure your application st和s out.

初级市场助理 通常使 约26800英镑(约34100美元)

4. 投资银行


作为一名投资银行家, 你的工作是为公司提供一系列的金融服务, 政府, 机构和个人. 投资银行家有很强的数字和分析能力, good project 管理 ability 和 are able to work well under pressure.

Again, this industry is very competitive – particularly because it is amongst the highest paid, with 毕业生起薪 平均约43,000英镑(约54,700美元).

如果你想在 investment banking, 工作经验 is a must. 完成一个夏天 实习 will put you in good stead for earning a place on the top firms’ prestigious 研究生计划. 

5. 管理咨询公司


管理 顾问为公司提供如何实施战略决策的建议. Your client may be a company, the government, or a public sector organization.

对于这个职业, 你需要有条理, detail orientated 和 have 很强的沟通能力 – which you’ll hopefully learn in your 学位

管理顾问是一名高级毕业生 起薪平均每年32580英镑(约41410美元). 因此,他们会非常有竞争力,所以 工作经验 是至关重要的.

6. 教学


如果你想成为一名教师, you’ll need to complete a postgraduate teacher training course to become qualified. 成为一名教师所需要的技能包括自信, 耐心, 很强的沟通能力, 组织和创造力. 

教学 is known for its high levels of job satisfaction 和 excellent holiday benefits. You can find out more about the different jobs available within teaching 和 education in our 教育课程指南

An entry level primary school teacher in the UK will earn around £26,200 (approximately US$33,000) 据Payscale.

7. 公共关系(公关)


Working in public relations is all about managing your client’s reputation. Competencies for a career in PR include exceptional relationship building skills, 强有力的书面和口头表达 沟通技巧 以及良好的组织能力.

Although you don’t need a specific 学位 to work in PR, you can get ahead by studying 业务,通信市场营销 度.

你也可以通过完成相关的工作经验脱颖而出, 虽然这很难找到. If you’re struggling to find 工作经验, try looking at related areas 如 event 管理. 

公关人员的起薪一般在18英镑左右,000 to £20,000美元(约22,800 - 25美元,380) but salaries can quickly rise after you’ve gained experience in the industry.

8. 酒店和差旅管理


如果你想在 热情好客, you’ll need excellent 沟通技巧 和 plenty of 工作经验 in the industry. 语言技能是非常有用的, as you may be looking to work internationally or have guests from around the world. 

酒店管理专业的毕业生计划面向所有学位背景, 虽然有些可能会要求最低分数, 而相关的学位可能会给你带来优势. 

除了酒店管理学位,相关学位可能包括 工商管理, 经济学 or 管理.

的 平均工资 for an assistant general manager in the UK is £23,000 (approximately US$29,300) 

9. 销售


销售职业包括——你猜对了——销售. Almost all companies require salespeople to persuade clients to purchase the goods 和 services your company has on offer. You’ll also be negotiating on prices 和 taking payments for goods 和 services.

要成为一名销售人员,你需要有自信和热情, 同时也擅长交际. 大多数大公司都提供销售毕业生计划,包括 苹果, 三星沃尔玛.

平均工资 在英国,一名毕业销售人员的工资为22英镑,000(约28美元,000)然而,经常有机会赚取更多的佣金.

10. 供应链与物流


If you have a job in the supply chain, you’ll be overseeing products from start to finish. 职业生涯中 the supply chain is incredibly fast paced 和 you’ll have to liaise with suppliers constantly. To do this, you’ll have to be able to remain calm under pressure 和 have great 沟通技巧.

许多大型零售商提供 研究生计划 在供应链和物流方面. 以获得一个位置, you should gain some experience through part time work in the retail sector, 通过实习或工作安排.

根据 Glassdoor网站, a typical supply chain graduate salary is £28,500 (approximately US$36,000).

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