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An education at a 名牌大学 is a long-term aspiration for many prospective students. 接触世界一流的教学, a network of high-calibre students and innovative research opportunities all make for a truly enriching experience like no other. Another key advantage of attending prestigious 大学 is promising career prospects – including high salaries after graduation.  

但这其中有多少是真实的呢? 最近的一次 报告 from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) revealed that graduates in England with first class or upper second class (2.1) degrees had higher average salaries by the age of 30 than graduates with lower second class (2.2)学位——不分院校.  

本Waltmann, Senior Research Economist at IFS and a co-author of the 报告 said: “The findings imply degree classification may matter as much as university attended for later life earnings.”  

报告中的数据显示,毕业五年后, 毕业成绩为2的男性和女性的税前年收入中位数.2013年获得2学位的学生比获得2学位的学生少3800英镑.1. 尽管这是一项基于英国的研究, prospective students from around the world are advised to take note as “many graduates who get a 2.2 from a highly selective university might have got a higher-paying job had they attended a slightly less selective university and got a 2.1.” 



The 报告 also highlights that future earnings for higher class degrees vary hugely by subject. 杰克布里顿, IFS的副主任和该报告的合著者说:“对于许多课题, 第一个和第二个的区别.1是无关紧要的收入. 然而, for others, such as economics, law, business, computing and pharmacology, it is substantial.” 

较高的收入潜力可能与劳动力市场回报高的学科有关. 根据 Glassdoor网站, 收入最高的专业包括计算机科学等学科, 基本工资中位数为70美元,000毕业五年后. 前十名也以工程学科为主, with electrical engineering and mechanical engineering taking second and third place respectively.  

收入最高的受试者 Glassdoor网站 

























对于那些考虑高薪职业的学生, 你在哪里学习是值得记住的, 你学习的内容和你的表现都在决定着你未来的收入.  



Despite the fact that future earnings are influenced by factors other than institution attended, many prestigious 大学 offer a wide range of recruitment opportunities that can open doors for students.  

这也许是在知名学府学习的一个不太明显的好处, 名牌大学, 但当与不那么挑剔的人比较时,是值得考虑的, 不知名的机构. 

理查德·卡拉瑟斯,就业服务的副主任 伦敦帝国理工学院 said: “Like any top-ranked university we attract many large and small organisations (UK and international) who want to promote their vacancies on our jobs board (JobsLive) and who participate in a series of career events including fairs, 面板, 演讲和研讨会等.  

“We run a large number of career 面板 and work-based learning initiatives and we also have a separate enterprise team (企业实验室),帮助学生具备创业思维. 在这, we also provide support for students with their applications through web resources and one-to-one appointments. 

这所大学在校友网络方面提供了什么? “Our alumni community are very active and they often participate in careers events and share live vacancies with us and the wider college community. 他们还参与了菠菜网最稳定正规平台的指导计划和其他基于工作的学习经验. 菠菜网最稳定正规平台有一个社区平台(),让校友交流及分享机会.  

“I think we could say that we pride ourselves on our friendly and inclusive nature and that we actively treat each student as an individual. It’s important to note that we encourage students to reflect on their skills and values to define what career success means for them as an individual and that ‘high earning jobs’ may not be the definition of success for everyone.” 



除了职业, 知名大学以吸引广泛和多样化的学生群体而闻名, which can be particularly beneficial for international students who sometimes make up a significant percentage of the student population.  

在这些情况下, choosing to study abroad at a university with a global reputation can mean a greater likelihood of studying alongside a significant number of students from the same part of the world as you. 

例如, 爱丁堡大学第三受欢迎城市 有近1.1万人在英国注册学习. 

Tongyang徐, a postgraduate international student at the university studying a MSc in Drug 发现y and Translational Biology, 他说一开始攻读硕士学位时感到压力很大, 尤其是对于一个从未长时间出国的中国学生来说.  

然而,他说:“这是一次难忘和激动人心的经历. 在完成两个学期的学习之后, 我看得出来我的技术进步了, 我和很多同学交了很多朋友,也从老师那里学到了很多东西.”  

So how does the university ensure that international students are integrated into the student community? “We’ve had welcome weeks with plenty of rich content (many club activities such as a library treasure hunt), 学生会举办了许多活动,还有许多有益的研讨会.  

“The 爱丁堡大学 encourages and organises student ambassadors to share experiences with new international students, 线上线下. 我自己就是其中之一. We are trained to lead new and prospective students around the campuses and explain things to them. 这是一个非常有趣和互动的体验.  

菠菜网最稳定正规平台也一直在使用 Unibuddy (a platform which connects student ambassadors with prospective students from around the world, providing them with insights beyond formal information available on university websites) and open day talks to virtually accelerate international student integration.”  


在选择学习地点时, it can be easy to assume that the most prestigious 大学 are the ones which will best prepare you to be successful later in life.  

然而, 这些数据清楚地表明,你的学习成绩可以说是更重要的, 尤其是涉及到未来收益的时候, so it’s important to prioritise a university which can provide an environment in which you’ll thrive. 

在某些情况下, that may well be an institution with a global reputation from the top of our 大学排名 – but don’t make your decision on reputation alone. 

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