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蕴藏 (massive open online course) is among the latest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary, 和 蕴藏s have proven that despite some hiccoughs 和 skepticism, 他们哪也去不了. As their prominence continues to grow 和 大学 continue to improve the content 和 student support provided, 有很多理由去注册一个 免费的在线课程. 这里有七个…

1. 加入超过1000万名学生的在线社区.

其中,最大的三个 蕴藏的平台 〇在网上 Coursera, EdXUdacity -提供近700个 在线教育课程 超过8.5 million students from more than 225 countries 和 territories. 这还只是前三名! 其他流行的蕴藏平台包括Iversity, 开放的学习, 艾莉森, Udemy, 画布上网络, FutureLearn, 新生, CourseSites, Miriada X和Open2Study.

Many prominent 大学 are continuing to board the 蕴藏 b和wagon, compiling materials from on-campus 项目 in order to exp和 their reach, 推广他们的项目和, 说句题外话, 提高社会知识. 波士顿大学 美国就是这样一个后来者, having launched its first five 蕴藏s on EdX over the past year, 而香港 香港科大 has become one of the first 大学 to offer degree credit for a 蕴藏, 在这种情况下,一个coursera主办的课程 《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》.

2. 在你的专业领域抢占先机.

作为研究生院申请者或准本科生, no doubt you’re pretty keen to get a look at the material you’ll be covering over the next few years. By seeking out 蕴藏s 和 other 免费的在线课程s in your field, you’ll be able to get ahead of your fellow applicants or classmates (not that it’s a competition…) by exp和ing your learning 和 brushing up on existing knowledge way ahead of the start of term.

Whether it’s an introductory course or a more specialized topic reserved for those already knowledgeable about the subject area, taking a 蕴藏 ahead of enrolling in a full university course is a good way to get to know more about the various specializations in your field 和 to discover new potential vocations 和 interests. It may also help you to convince admissions staff of your dedication 和 passion for the subject.

3. Learn alongside a diverse group of professionals 和 students.

根据Coursera的数据, 75%的蕴藏学生至少拥有学士学位, 73% of users are in full-time employment 和 the average age of users is between 25 和 35. 许多人都在寻求职业发展, while some are looking to brush up on their existing knowledge.

While this picture of the average 蕴藏-taker may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who championed 免费的在线课程s as a way of extending access to higher education, it also shows just how seriously 蕴藏s are being taken by those who have already gained official qualifications, 而是选择在自己的时间里继续学习.

与此同时, 包容性似乎正在上升, 尽管增速低于整个过程的增长速度. 最近的统计数据显示 40% of all 蕴藏 students on Coursera are from developing countries, with figures set to get better still as institutions 和 policy makers from around the world continue to discuss the many possibilities of 在线教育课程.

4. From computer science to renaissance poetry – study anything!

想想任何你想了解的东西——就这样 生物技术, 现代神秘主义 甚至 谷歌 ——你很有可能找到相关的蕴藏课程. 一些免费的在线课程是介绍性的, 对于想要涉足未知领域的学习者来说, 还有一些更复杂, offering materials that are studied as part of real university courses, 在本科和硕士阶段.

而一旦, computing 和 programming courses dominated the 蕴藏 market, 如今,人文课程正引领潮流. 根据Edsurge的数据, 如今,20%的mooc课程属于人文学科, 16%的学生主修计算机科学和编程, 15%的人从事商业和管理, 11%在科学,11%在健康和医学. 菠菜网最稳定正规平台, 数学和统计, engineering 和 social sciences all make up over 5% of 蕴藏 offerings on the web respectively.

5. 追随比尔·盖茨的脚步.

亿万富翁比尔盖茨, co-founder of Microsoft 和 one of the most famous university dropouts in history, 毫不掩饰他偏爱在线学习的事实. 最近,盖茨参加了海洋学蕴藏课程, 告诉编年史,“我是个辍学生,这有点讽刺. 我可能和周围的人一样喜欢大学课程.”

用这个, Gates gives a valuable reminder that 在线教育课程, 所有的高等教育项目都是如此, only help those who are passionate 和 genuinely want to learn. The freedom provided by 蕴藏s in particular means that users are allowed to test out as many courses as they like, 和 are able to learn at their own pace 和 in their own time.

6. 与真人实时互动.

随着免费在线课程的兴起, the importance of providing a community for online learning has become of utmost importance across all 蕴藏的平台. 论坛, peer review 和 real-time discussion during video lectures have all played a key part in making 在线教育课程 more interactive 和 user-friendly. 如果蕴藏的学生觉得他们是在和同龄人一起学习, 他们更有可能回来完成课程.

茱莉亚斯蒂格利茨, director of business development 和 strategic partnerships at Coursera, says the average response time for a post on Coursera’s forums st和s at only 22 minutes. That’s even quicker than emailing a lecturer as a paying student!

FutureLearn, a 蕴藏 platform developed by academics from the 开放大学 在英国, is one such platform to emphasize the importance of peer learning, 社区和互动. “在每一页, 每一个视频, every article we integrate the discussion right alongside the content,“西蒙纳尔逊, FutureLearn负责人 告诉《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》. “你可以点击一个按钮, 即使是在视频中间, 并发表评论, 问一个问题或回答一个问题.”

7. 成为全球化的一部分.

今年2月到4月之间, 697种新的mooc课程进入全球市场, 把总数从1加起来,533比惊人的2,230.

虽然美国是mooc最活跃的国家, 38.5%的Coursera学生来自美国, a number of developing countries can be seen among the top countries for 蕴藏 student population. 巴西5人上榜.8%的Coursera注册学生,而印度提供5.3%,中国4.1%, all ahead of percentages of users from the UK (4%), Canada (4.1%)、俄罗斯(2.4%),德国(1.7%),西班牙(1.6%)和澳大利亚(1.6%). 像哥伦比亚这样的新兴经济体, 墨西哥和泰国也在前20名之列, 每所学校的学生人数超过Coursera学生总数的1%.

不仅仅是英语课程在增长. 在欧洲提供的742门mooc课程中, Spain is the biggest provider with 253 蕴藏s – way ahead of the UK’s 170 offerings. 网络公开课的, the majority are hosted on Spanish-speaking 蕴藏的平台 such as Miriada X, UNX和UNED COMA. 与此同时 Arabic 和 Chinese 蕴藏s saw the globe’s quickest growth rate in 2014.

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